‘Think Like a Man’s’ Will Packer: Hollywood’s new buzz king

The brash 37-year-old Will Packer believes that being an African American in the white world of Hollywood is actually a big plus. “I’m the youngest and darkest guy in the room, but I’m the one with the unique perspective,” he told me the other night, squeezing in an interview before racing off to a promotional screening of “Think Like a Man,” which opens April 20 and is based on a relationship advice book by Steve Harvey.

For Carole King, Songwriting Is A ‘Natural’ Talent

Carole King
, a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, has written for everyone from Little Eva to Aretha Franklin to James Taylor. Her 1971 solo album Tapestry spent 15 weeks at the top of the charts, and stayed on the charts for more than six years. NPR’s Fresh Air with Terri Gross interviews the legend’s storied career on the radio and provides an excerpt from her memoir, A Natural Woman.