Darrin Dewitt Henson talks with Vizage Magazine

As “a collection of poems outlining different points in his life,” Darin Dewitt Henson gives us his book Intimate Thoughts. The purpose is to inspire change in the emotional patterns of people without a voice.  It deals with family, political, social and world issues through poems.  It’s inspired by people like Hill Harper and Muhammad Ali and others whom he has met along his career journey.

A Look at DWTS: Season 14, Episode 1

After skipping lackluster Seasons 12 & 13 my eyes have seen the glory of the premiere of Dancing With The Stars – Season 14 last night. The production values are notably better. Improvements in lighting, stage-set, and more varied camera shots/angles make it more of a visual spectacle while the video packages are slicker. However, my 5.1 audio system reveals a serious need for an audio upgrade (on the production end, not on my end), especially when you have Harold Wheeler and band performing live every show.

When it comes to the contestants, People of Color are generously represented, adding a greater dimension of richness to this season of dance.  Although I won’t make any predictions so soon, there are those who are not afraid to make that move. And they had the nerve to label them “underwhelming”. Really? The Season 14 cast of contestants are all pretty good dancers with scores of 8s and 9s being earned on the first night out of the gate.

When it comes to ballroom electricity Donald Driver (pictured, video), Gladys Knight, Jaleel White, William Levy, Katherine Jenkins, Roshon Fegan and Sherri Shepherd rocked the night away. Oh, too much love to be divided? Thankfully I had twelve votes by phone and 12 by internet to distribute equally over a select few. If you haven’t seen the show yet I won’t spoil it for you by sharing that Steven Urkel was not in attendance. But his alter ego “Stephon” set the roof on FIYAH!!