Harvard, MIT announce new partnership that will offer free online classes

Beginning this fall, a variety of courses developed by faculty at both institutions will be available online through the new $60 million partnership, known as “edX.”

Anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world can have access,” Harvard President Drew Faust said during a news conference to announce the initiative.

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California Chosen as Home for Computing Institute

The foundation’s $60 million grant to establish the center, to be called the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at U.C. Berkeley, underscores the growing influence of computer science on the physical and social sciences. An interdisciplinary array of scientists will explore the mathematical foundations of computer science and attack problems in fields as diverse as health care, astrophysics, genetics and economics.

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‘Imagine: How Creativity Works’ by Jonah Lehrer – review

“A remarkably prolific and inventive 30-year-old journalist, [Jonah Lehrer's] is sceptical of the overblown claims of neuroscience to explain complex psychological or cultural phenomena. Yet he is himself capable of speculating convincingly from the available science, picking up from where Malcolm Gladwell leaves off in bridging the two-cultures divide. More than psychology and the social sciences, Lehrer seeks to illuminate the exterior world of culture from within the dark interiors of the brain.” ~ Alexander Linklater applauds an impressively lucid description of the creative mind at work

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Gender media literacy finds voice in ‘Miss Representation’

The documentary Miss Representation, which premiered to sold-out screenings at Sundance last year, addresses the lack of positive portrayals of women in the media through statistics, damning clips and interviews with talking heads like Condoleeza Rice, Nancy Pelosi and Katie Couric. The film is also part of a larger educational advocacy project that aims to break the link between the media’s treatment of women and the way girls see themselves. Writer-director Jennifer Siebel Newsom spoke to TIME about reality television, how the world has changed since her film first aired and saving the next generation of girls