Be the Person You Want: 7 Steps to Successful Attraction

My true passion and emphasis for the future is about helping heal the rifts in love relationships. We are here to create union in love with another, it’s our Divine calling. Masculine and Feminine are opposite polarities that make a true whole and yet so much struggle and pain occurs in the world of love, ultimately I believe through lack of  self awareness and education, truth, responsibility and authenticity. So many people have created their lives to try and get love and approval from others and have given up all rights to being who they really are in the process. READ MORE

10 Ways A Great Relationship Can Save Your Life

Men, you’ve all heard the jokes about how wives and girlfriends can curb a man’s lifestyle. Ladies, you embrace your independence, and the fact that you can change your own oil, pay your own bills and enjoy your weekends with your girlfriends.

All this said, both men and women, deep down, know that a good relationship makes life better, smoothing out life’s rough edges, calming you down, building you up…and making you healthier. READ MORE

J.R. Smith is dating Rihanna and life is unfair

If these two are indeed having genital parties with each other, there are two ideas at play here. One is that their relationship, or at least proximity, will make a lot of headlines and the couple will become an mixure of whimsy, idiocy, nudity, and negativity that will be a gold mine for Gawker and Page Six writers in the months to come. The other, stupider idea is that this is a bad thing for the Knicks, a veritable Matt Kemp 2010 2.0, presuming the couple stays together through the summer and Smith goes through with his rumored extension with the club. READ MORE

Terrell Owens, Baby Mamas CRUSHED By Dr. Phil

Terrell Owens
appeared on Dr. Phil yesterday with the three (of the four) women he has children with, and the TV personality eviscerated all of them.

Very politely, but still.

The ex-NFL great and the mothers of the kids he fathered (and say he doesn’t pay child support for) hashed out their differences in front of a live audience.

And Dr. Phil. The erstwhile TV shrink started the show by going fairly easy on Owens, and never got flat-out harsh with the footballer. But the truth hurts.

Straight to the Videos: Terrell Owens on the Dr. Phil Show

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How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Why do some relationships stand the test of time, while others fall apart? Here are some simple strategies for building a relationship that will thrive.

With so many breakups going on, how is it that some couples thrive while the rest fail to survive? The truth is that it takes some work to keep relationships healthy. And most people find that the work is well worth the effort when their relationship is still going strong decades after it began. Some simple strategies can help couples strengthen their romantic relationships, no matter what obstacles they face together.

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