Frank Wilson dies at 71; Motown writer, producer

Motown’s Frank Wilson wrote and produced hit records for such big names as the Supremes and the Temptations, but he was best known for a single recorded in Los Angeles that featured his own voice — and was never released.

Copies of his “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” had already been pressed in 1965 when Motown founder Berry Gordy asked him to choose between being a performer or writer-producer, Wilson’s family said. When he decided on the latter, almost all of the singles were destroyed. READ MORE

We’re on vacation… Returning Fall 2012

It’s that time of year again. Vacations, start of school, nice weather. A good time for serious distractions balanced with equally compelling attractions. And so it is with great fondness American Fiyah will take a vacation from you, our dear and devoted readers. Statistics tell us that many of you will be sufficiently occupied in the next few weeks. That works for us. We will use this downtime to learn our new Android devices and re-think how we’ll serve you better. But do not worry. Do not dismay, my friends. By the time the  2012 Fall TV season gets underway we will return with the entertainment, technology, and political posts you’ve come to expect from us. Thanks for hanging with us. Enjoy your summer.

Jerry Jones Said “I Want Me Some Glory Hole,” And He Meant It

Well… I’m stumped. All I can bring myself to do is keep marveling at Jones’ casual use of “glory hole.” I wish I had more jokes for you, but does this even need a joke? It’s Jerry Jones repeatedly saying “glory hole.” There’s nothing I can add to that. Well, except to posit that in the glory hole days Jones references, “I want me some glory hole!”