Timberly Whitfield, the daughter of United Methodist missionaries and a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, hosts “New Morning,” an upbeat, inspirational show airing on the Hallmark Channel. Produced by Faith & Values Media, “New Morning” airs Monday through Friday 7-8a.m. (6-7a.m. CT).

Whitfield’s story itself is an inspirational one. Her childhood years were spent in Africa, where her father worked to develop farming and irrigation projects for villagers in Tanzania and Nigeria. Gazing out her window, she could see the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance, and, closer by, the occasional elephant or giraffe as it wandered through the streets of her village.

Ironically for someone who would later make a career out of television journalism, Whitfield grew up in a home with no TV. Instead, she spent her time in other pursuits, attending local schools and learning to speak Kiswahili, the native language.

She was an active participant in the daily rituals of village life, including “kuni” (gathering starter wood for cooking fires from the surrounding countryside), and she and her sister would often join other village children in making the half-mile trip to the local spring to get water.

Whitfield brings those experiences . . .

“New Morning” airs Monday through Friday 7-8a.m. (6-7a.m. CT)


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