Home improvement just got a little more appealing with TAKE HOME HANDYMAN! Andrew Dan-Jumbo — the charismatic triple-threat carpenter, craftsman and handyman of TLC’s WHILE YOU WERE OUT fame — is used to having fans ask him for help on their homes. Typically, he’s politely declined their offers — but now, the tables have turned. Andrew is on the hunt at Home Depot stores around the country for unsuspecting do-it-yourselfers who need his help in TLC’s newest weekend indulgence.
Each episode follows Andrew as he searches for people looking to tackle a pesky do-it-yourself home renovation project, but don’t quite know where to start. After identifying the perfect accomplice, Andrew convinces them to take him home so they can work side-by-side to get their weekend projects done right. Once Andrew confirms they’re game, the pair shops around The Home Depot for all supplies and tools necessary to complete the renovation. Then, Andrew loads up his all-new 2007 GMC Sierra and heads to their home to roll up his sleeves and get started!
Upon arrival, Andrew scouts the property to see what other areas could use a little enhancement, in addition to the project du jour. From caulking the bathroom tub to refinishing the kitchen floor, Andrew tackles it all with his signature charm and exquisite carpentry skills. But that’s not all — Andrew secretly seeks out an area of the home that could use his magic touch, and renovates as a surprise to the homeowner, which is revealed at the end of each episode. See what happens when you bring home a handyman?
Born in Nigeria and raised in Shoreham, England, Andrew Dan-Jumbo has spent his career helping others with their building and designing needs.

PR Newswire
TLC, Discovery


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