The Video: Please Don’t Go

The Interview
Singer/Producer/Songwriter, Tank sat down for a very entertaining interview just before the release of Sex,Love & Pain, his sophomore album. Tank was caught off guard when asked about the current controversy surrounding Rap artists.

The MySpace Excerpt
“It’s the basis of my music for this album,” he says. “It’s all dealing with the aspects of relationships, mostly from a man to a woman, but whether it be your homies or whatever. I want to bring R&B back to what it used to be, where if a guy couldn’t fully express himself, he would play one of the songs that was out at the time — if he wanted to apologize, if he wanted to say I wanna make love tonight or let’s get back together, or even I don’t wanna be with you anymore. Nobody’s saying that now. No one is celebrating the women like they’re supposed to. I got it covered.” Like much of the album, Tank wrote the lead single “Please Don’t Go.” On it, he pleads for forgiveness in spite of his transgressions…

The MySpace Page: get2knowTank


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