By Keith Boykin, in pop culture

As much as I hate this sartorial style, I cannot support a law that sends young people to jail just because of what they wear. And let’s be truthful. The people who will be going to jail will mostly be young black and Latino men, the very people who are already overcrowding the nation’s penal system, many of them for petty and harmless offenses.

Nor does it matter to me that some of the officials sponsoring these laws are black themselves. Older, well established black people can be some of the most socially conservative people around. And this issue, no matter how much I dislike it, is not the biggest threat to black America. But try telling that to Atlanta Councilman C. T. Martin, who last week sponsored an amendment to the city’s indecency laws to ban sagging pants, which he called an epidemic. Keith Boykin


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