Lovable Tim Gunn misses target on ‘Style’
Host is still charming, but new show lacks depth of ‘Project Runway’

The last thing the world needs is another makeover show. But the world does need more Tim Gunn, and thus we can forgive Bravo for giving us “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style,” which debuted Thursday night. It’s a rather pedestrian makeover series that only comes to life when the “Project Runway” mentor is on screen.

“Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” debuts as Bravo prepares to end “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” the makeover series that helped define the network. But the new series lacks the energy of “Queer Eye,” and feels like a step backwards compared to that show’s genre-evolving format. The “Fab Five” tear into their subject’s home, throwing furniture onto the lawn and unleashing outrageously funny comments about whatever they discover in his home. Then, in separate segments, they work to transform the straight guy’s life. MSNBC


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