In the cop drama K-Ville, New Orleans serves as a stormy backdrop for low-rent noir and pent-up rage.

Again and again in the pilot episode of K-Ville, we see snapshots of the devastated Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans: nightmare flashbacks of biblical floods; houses smashed by a giant fist; anarchy and refugee camps; flotsam, jetsam, and debris where once upon a time there’d been a neighborhood. Again and again, like Oedipus at Colonus or Lear on the blasted heath, a New Orleans cop named Marlin Boulet (Anthony Anderson) will rage against the elements, by which he doesn’t mean the weather. As his city was abandoned by the local, state, and federal governments, Marlin, too, has been abandoned, first in the middle of Katrina by his panicked partner on the Felony Action Squad, Charlie Pratt (Derek Webster), who absconded with their patrol car, and then, two years later, by his estranged wife, Ayana (Elise Neal), who intends to take their traumatized young daughter to Atlanta, as far away as she can get from the bad schools, the berserk crime, and the demoralized remnants of the former Big Easy. Even Marlin’s longtime next-door neighbor in “the Nine” is selling out to real-estate scam artists. New York Magazine


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