The NFL all-star wideout who never holds his tongue talks to GIANT.

Never mind Webster’s, the NFL (aka the No Fun League) has deemed “controversy” to be a four-letter word. If so, four-time Pro Bowl receiver Chad Johnson has cussed like a sailor his whole career—from his infamous touchdown celebrations and solid gold smile, to off-field antics like racing a horse and daring boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to go toe-to-toe with him for three rounds. Yeah, number 85 likes the hype. Believe it or not though, this year, the self-styled “Ocho Cinco” has rededicated his focus to a few other four-letter words: “team”, “wins” and of course, “ring”–as in “Superbowl ring.”

On his rookie season vs. his sophomore season:
“I got that first year under my belt, nice and quiet, got my feet wet and understood what I was doing. Then I let Chad come out. Every bit of Miami—trash-talking, celebrating, flashy gold teeth, the Mohawk, everything.”

On the Baltimore Ravens:
“They’re the only games I really get excited for. Against Baltimore, I get so hype, like the feeling you had the night before Christmas when you was little. And we got ‘em the first game of the [2007] season? Monday night? They shoulda never gave me no platform like that!” GIANT Magazine


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