Q. Why should viewers be taking the time to tune in?

A. I think what we have is something that’s real. We have a lot of different shows on and I think with us, we have something a lot of people want to check out. What goes on with athletes and entertainers behind the scenes. What are their girlfriends thinking, what are their moms thinking. What are their wives thinking, what goes on in a player’s locker room for real. I think having those components, I think Mara said “Okay cool, we can touch on some things. But, we’ll make it funny, we’ll make it enjoyable and real so that people can be entertained without being afraid.” There are also a lot of girlfriends and wives who are married to entertainers and they can imagine what goes on, but at the same time some people don’t want to know the truth and at the same time they do. I think with “The Game” we can give them a lot of the truth with some humor. So that some people who are really in it aren’t offended or could be put at ease. They can be like okay, that is how it is. I know the writers do a lot of research as far as getting the realness of certain issues that go on with their wives, girlfriends and moms. I think that’s what is huge because if you have this world, everyone tunes in to the news when they find out something is going on with a football player. Or a football player and his wife are splitting up or the football player got caught cheating or the mother of the star football player is negotiating a huge deal with a football team, basketball team or baseball team. Every time that happens everyone tunes in to find out what’s the what in what goes on with that world. I think with “The Game” people can get a taste of what goes on but on a level where it is enjoyable. Starry Constellation

The Game returns in October on CW.


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