Season 2 [opened], on Sunday, with Dexter still oddly sapped from the experience. Though he has a hard time feeling anything that might be described as human emotion, Season 2 hints that maybe Dexter is changing. Maybe he is, in fact, starting to feel. One thing is for certain, Sgt. Doakes (Erik King) – the only co-worker in the cop shop who thinks there’s something weird about Dexter – has decided to follow the hunches he got last year. He’s been following Dexter every night. Because of that, no chance to kill more creeps anymore.

“So I bowl,” Dexter says, as the camera pans in on him, ball in hand, co-workers and teammates beside him. “What’s really disturbing is that I’m good at it.” His bowling team name? Bowl Till You Bleed.

As Doakes follows his every move, Dexter must act “relentlessly normal,” which, of course, he’s not. As his co-workers and bowling teammates put more pressure on him, Dexter says, ever so casually, “I really need to kill someone.” San Francisco Chronicle


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