Celebrities love a political cause, so the press conference for Battle in Seattle, a film that explores that riots that broke out at the World Trade Organization ministerial conferences in 1999, promised much grandstanding and dire condemnations on the evils of big corporations. Instead, the presser devolved into cracks about Charlize Theron‘s lack of comedy chops, and a running joke about Regina and a part of the female anatomy.

Moderator (and former NY Times film critic) Elvis Mitchell called it “the most eclectic cast at this year’s festival.” Present were actor Martin Henderson, actor/rapper Andre Benjamin (who looked sharp in a farmer-slash-hipster number that combined pinstripe overalls, a khaki blazer, bright red socks and a blue baseball cap); actress Michelle Rodriguez; actor Woody Harrelson, who often starred-bug eyed at the press; actress Charlize Theron, and her boyfriend, director/actor Stuart Townsend. Battle in Seattle is the first feature he’s directed.

One reporter wanted to know why Theron doesn’t star in “lighter” fare (as apparently her turn on Arrested Development doesn’t count.) Theron said she thought she’d be “great” at comedy.

“You have to be funny, though,” Harrelson told her.

Afterwards a reported asked if she wanted to immediately join the cast after reading the script. “No, I was looking for a comedy,” Theron answered, without missing a beat. National Post


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