As you know Congress held hearings on Hip Hop yesterday up on Capitol Hill. Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush wanted to see why there is so much music being pushed by corporations that highlight racial stereotypes and disrespect toward women. Overall the hearings were explosive from the start. One of the Congressmen from New York Anthony D Weiner, posed the question as to why artists today don’t step it up and do like artists did in the past and pen songs that talk about social issues in the community. He cited Shinehead who at the height of the crack epidemic in the late 80s saw fit to write a song that spoke out against crack. He wanted to know why we don’t see more artists who have different types of conversations like the way Tribe Called Quest or Brand Nubian did in year’s past.

Weiner also noted that Congress won’t be able to solve this issue of questionable content, because it’s a business decision. He talked about the move Chamillionaire made to not curse on his new album. He suggested that Chamillionaire was making a shrewd business decision to fill a void and capture an audience that doesn’t want to hear cursing. He hoped that other artists would see the wisdom in this and follow his lead.

The hearings consisted of three panels. I could only peep the first two due to long delays that took the Congressmen to the house floor. I will get the audio for the women’s panel which I heard was compelling.
The first panel featured folks from the music industry. Here we heard some extremely weak remarks from record label and commercial radio executives that included Doug Morris of Universal Records, Ed Broffman of Warner Brothers Records, Philippe Dauman of Viacom and Alfred Liggins of Radio One…

All these clowns sat there and acted like they were giving one big commercial. The cat from Viacom was especially sorry because he started pointing out that BET was now positive because they now feature early morning gospel shows. He bragged about the TV show they have where they’re looking for the next big gospel singer. I felt like jumping through the TV and asking, “Where the hell is Teen Summit? Why did you bozos take off that Emmy Award winning show? Davey D’s Hip Hop Blog


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