LL Cool J is back—and he’s got a bone to pick with some unnamed emcees.

In a recent interview with BlokTV appearing on YouTube, Mr. Smith issues a warning to the new generation of rappers.

“That was then this is now,” LL says in reference to his long list of former adversaries which reads like a who’s who of Hip Hop, including, Kool Moe Dee, Canibus, and Ice-T. “This new generation doesn’t necessarily know my history so sometimes you gotta Bernard Hopkins a cat for them to understand what they’re dealing with.”

LL also appears to take another subliminal shot at Def Jam‘s current man in charge, Jay-Z.

“I’m happy that this moment has come to this…it’s about to get real funny… I don’t even know why you did that to yourself, instead of doing that verse; you should’ve been doing your job.”

This would mark the second time LL has publicly taken a jab at Hov. After last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, LL spoke out about Jay-Z’s job performance at Def Jam. He criticized Hova for shameless self promotion.

“I think Def Jam needs to be a better promoter of hip hop. I think Jay-Z does a very good job…of promoting Jay-Z.”

With the return of Cool J, it may be a hot winter in Hip Hop. Don’t take our word for it, judge for yourself:

LL Cool J disses Jay Z and talks about his verse. HipHop DX


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