“I would hear everything from I’m going to kill you, I’m going to cut your head off. You name it. He was a very angry man like that. He wanted his way,” Kimberly Bell tells INSIDE EDITION. She’s talking about one of the most controversial heroes in America: baseball’s Barry Bonds, whose alleged steroid use has cast a shadow over his amazing home run record.

Kimberly says she and Barry Bonds had a volatile relationship for nearly a decade, but that she did fall in love with the famous athlete. At the time, Bell says, Bonds was a man she had wanted to spend her life with.

After they had been dating three years he dropped a bombshell. He was marrying someone else.

Bell remembers the incident, saying she questioned Bonds. She wondered where that left them. “Where does that leave us, what we have…the fact that I love you and you love me?” she said. Bonds, Kimberly says, told her that nothing about their relationship had to change.

Incredibly, she says, none of it did change. She says she became Bonds’ on-the-road girlfriend while his new wife stayed at home.

Kimberly is now telling all about her relationship with the home run champ, and she’s also baring all in the current issue of Playboy, including what she claims about his alleged steroid use.

Bell says that Bonds actually told her he used steroids. Over the years, Bell says there were numerous physical changes in Barry. “There was a huge increase in size. Going from being a lean athlete to looking like a linebacker. Bloating. Acne on his back. Losing of the hair. Dysfunction sexually.” Inside Edition


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