And I wonder/ if you know/ about this Bat for Lashes video

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye! If he’s not releasing a totally sweet new album, he’s releasing totally sweet videos, doing double time as his own hype man on late-night TV, or losing his shit at awards shows. Oh, and now he’s also maintaining a blog over at his nifty new website, KanyeUniverseCity (wah wah).

The blog is about 75% YouTube videos (everything from Feist, Bat for Lashes, and Lupe Fiasco music videos to commercials, a confusing Kate Moss hologram at some sort of art or fashion show, and that still-hilarious “Grape Lady Falls” clip). The other 25% is mostly pictures (fashion shows, shoes, Kanye with his famous pals) and links to his own press.

We’re hardly surprised that the rapper who orchestrated a collaboration between himself and Peter Bjorn & John would keep a blog, but it’s worth a read for sure, if only for the titles of his posts. For example, “I USED TO WANT TO BE A FREESTYLE BIKER, SO I EXTRA LOVE THIS VIDEO – BAT FOR LASHES ‘WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO'”. Pitchfork


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