It never fails: a team starts the season undefeated and the talk turns to whether this is finally the year the 1972 Dolphins are unseated. In 2007, it’s the New England Patriots who are getting 16-to-1 odds to make it through the season without a loss (and, remarkably, the odds are worse than even that they win the whole thing).

Well, in addition a bunch of crotchety old timers, Terrell Owens takes umbrage at all the Pats-running-the-table talk.

“No one’s talking about us not losing,” Owens told Dallas reporters. “I think the focus is on New England and Indy, so we’re just going to take care of what we need to take care of, and we’ll lay low under the radar. And eventually, if we keep winning, then eventually we’ll get our respect.”

Yes, because it’s the respect that matters. It’s also worth noting that the Patriots and Colts are in the AFC, so whether they win or lose has no bearing on Dallas’ NFC playoff hopes. AOL Sports


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