Alec Baldwin got the Golden Globe, and Tina Fey gets most of the credit, but former SNL cast member Tracy Morgan consistently gets the biggest laughs on NBC’s 30 Rock. And it’s largely due to his perpetually dumbfounded look and the way he talks: No one else could deliver a line like “I got a character named Biscuit” to a room full of sketch writers with such believability.

Of course, when it comes to playing an outlandish comedian named Tracy who stars in a sketch-comedy show, Morgan has had a lot of practice. He was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for seven seasons before leaving to star in his own short-lived family sitcom on NBC, The Tracy Morgan Show. As for the outlandish part, anyone who has seen Morgan’s stand-up act, or the widely circulated clip of a shirtless Morgan on a morning show in Texas yelling, “Somebody gonna get pregnant!” can testify that he easily fits the description. The A.V. Club recently spoke to Morgan about playing guys named “Tracy,” the distinction between real crazy and TV crazy, Jimmy Fallon, and being in the gossip pages. The A.V. Club


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