The Situation discovers the man behind the soul…

Eric Roberson’s soulful vocals will be familiar to many, but few will be able to identify the man himself. For hardcore soul enthusiasts, Roberson holds the key to the future. The Situation finds out more about this superstar-in-the-making…

As the anticipatory buzz builds to just this side of impatience, the headliner takes the stage. From the moment he does, he has the audience eating out of his hand. Women shout his name and toss out song requests. Males and females sing along word for word as the tight six-piece backing combo feeds off the audience’s vibe. Judging by this scenario, you might think a superstar was getting busy onstage. But the performer is singer/songwriter Eric Roberson.

For fans of the independent soul scene, Roberson – who has five releases out through his Blue Erro Soul label – is every bit a high-profile crowd pleaser as a Prince, Usher or Mary J. Blige.

The Situation discovers the man behind the soul…

You’re five albums deep into your career now having just released ‘Left’ in the UK on the legendary Dome Records label. How did that partnership come about?

You know back in the States, a lot of the independent artists, we all always take time to meet up with each other and talk over like the things we’ve learned, and some of the mistakes we’ve made and whatever, to share the keep building thing. I’ve done pretty much most of my stuff independently in the UK of just releasing things and giving it to buyers, but I’m not here you know, not here to really know the movers and shakers and different things that can lead up to really covering the UK, like especially just attacking radio alone. And a lot of the independent artists who have worked with Dome had a lot of good things to say about them, so when I wrote to Dome, we were very like-minded in a lot of ways and it just made sense. So we put it together for this record that they would do the UK release of the album and it’s just worked out great. The Situation


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