Hello Everyone. (I am not Michael Beach, but keep reading.) We’ve been bloggin together for a few months and though it’s been a pleasure, we’re still not afraid to be better.  Yes we’ve been away for a couple of days to re-think and refresh. And just between you and me, moving Freshplays from Blogger to WordPress was an act that did not go unpunished! So where are we? Just between you and me I will soundly proclaim that there’s going to be some changes around here.  What changes? It’s easier to show you than to tell you. 

Adios Floyd Mayweather from Dancing With The Stars. He is worldwide proof that all brothas can’t dance. Guess there’s not a strong connection between pugilism and dance. Although I wouldn’t say this to his face as he may hit me in mines.  

And how did Melanie Brown end up in the bottom two? Haterz! 

I just discovered MarvalusOne whose Opinionated Black Woman blog gives you the lowdown on her ten favorite actors. She’s got a good list which includes my faves Jeffrey Wright and Don Cheadle but I must insist on the inclusion of Michael Beach [photo]. No wait. He would be on my list. Seeing him opposite Don Cheadle would be heaven. Sheer heaven. 

My digital video recorder hasn’t been recording Dexter which stars Erik King. I dig what he brings to that character although the promo that featured him with Michael C. Hall never mentioned his name in word or print. The next time you feel overlooked at work be thankful the slight is not telecasted worldwide. I’m working on the technical difficulty. 

Duane Francis has a website with a gift for you. I write this here so you and I can go back later to check it out. 70 Of the most Motivational Quotes You Will Ever Findis a downloadable e-book, and according to Duane, it’s free and most enjoyable. 

Invisible Woman blogs at Black Cinema at Large and she does a much better job at reporting on black Hollywood than Freshplays did. Go on, girl. I ain’t mad atcha. 

Wesley Morris is a film critic at the Boston Globe with a style of writing that is as refreshing as it is pointed. See what he has to say about the films you enjoy or, at least, suppose to enjoy. 

Sound Slam reports that T.I. was denied bail for the weapons charges that could land him ten years in prison. So talented. So young. Attorneys are champing at the bit. 

I don’t know about you but somehow I feel very uncomfortable reading stories where Isaiah Washington says NBC is interested in spinning-off his Bionic Woman character into his own series. I wish nothing but the best for him and would love to see this happen. Still there is something to be said about counting your chickens before they hatch.

About that photo up top. Every post will feature a photo that refers to the written word.

That’s all for this moment.  


4 thoughts on “Re-think and Refresh

  1. Like the new layout, writing is crisp and intriguing.
    Downloaded the motivation quotes, it saved me time looking for it. Thanks
    It’s good to see the brothas represented please to see you take on the assignment.

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