Well I braced myself for the Bill Cosby on Oprah interview. One could almost predict the carnage. And may I say it was as jarring as I thought it would be. It was nice to see Cosby’s partner and co-author Alvin Poussaint as he sat next to and supported “America’s Dad.” But for me their duet was more fire and brimstone than informative or inspirational. Very preachy to say the least. Watching Cosby talk down to the people as if his “I know what’s best for you” message would have any lasting relevance gave me the willies. Though Oprah seemed a bit ill-at-ease as she offered her ample platform to them, her courtesy was clearly well-intentioned. What I detested most was Cosby’s authoritarianism. I was disheartened that Dr. Poussaint didn’t do the therapist job of eliciting through inquiry rather than letting Cosby go on an unbridled telling spree which bordered on finger-wagging. And regarding the medical condition he was experiencing, who listens to a man hiding behind sun glasses? Come On People. After all these years have you ever seen a news anchor wear shades because of a medical issue? Cosby could have, probably should have, rescheduled. I guess the ultimate question is: Will he sell books? Why not? Ann Coulter does. Perhaps they should tour together.

Alright. I was very disappointed to see Lieutenant Commander Tuvok reduced in rank to a New York City doorman on Samantha Who? Perhaps Tim Russ over invested in his floundering music and filmmaking career. He was so darn good on Star Trek: Voyager. 

Now for something happy. Congratulations to Ashlee for winning I Wanna Be A Soapstar.  Jemina would have been a terrific choice as well.  

I’m finding Shonda Rhimes’ Private Practice to be far more entertaining than Grey’s Anatomy. The characters, though swimmingly neurotic, seem much more mature. Or maybe it’s just a guy thing for me. 

The on-again-off-again romance between the talented and unhappy Kobe Bryant and the Lakers is rustling the autumn leaves. As if the break-up with Shaq wasn’t enough. Hang in there Los Angeles and standby Chicago, Dallas, etc. Check out his website to see what General Colin Powell means to Number 24. 

So I didn’t know who fashion designer Kevan Hall is. Did you? Word is his African Experience is blowing things up at LA Fasion Week Spring 2008. 

Speaking of fashion, Tyler Perry is making black filmmaking a hot commodity in Hollywood.  

How ‘bout that TV ad with Thierry Henry [photo], Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer for Gillette?  But I feel the Usher and Martha Stewart ad for Macy is the sweeter of the two. Although Henry just broke a little well-known record in soccer you’ll be drinking Tiger while he pockets $100 million very soon. Brothers are gettin’ paid and lookin’ good doin’ the damn thing. 

Are you watching David Oyelowo in Five Days? If not, then don’t complain about there not being enough dramas with people of color on the tube. 

I have nothing more to say.


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