Saturday morning I did what I haven’t done in months. I turned on the television at 7 a.m. Figured I’d catch some news since I’ve been a away from it for nearly a week. Sometimes we must take a break from man’s inhumanity and the multiple ways fear is used against us. Anywaaaaays I was delighted with the Today Show. Lester Holt, John Yang, Allison Stewart, Janice Huff, Mara Schiavocampo, and Omar Waso were holdin’ it down. What a wake up call if ever there was one. Assignment fluke or programming trend? Only time will reveal. But Saturday, NBC rocked the house in living color.

In case you haven’t heard, this is the last season for that hour-long show Free & Fabulous Merchandise and Services for Straight White Men. Your listing probably has it under the name Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. After five seasons I never heard one peep from Affirmative Action protestors.  

TV tease. Or TV please! The strategically-placed black-male-in-the-background shot is pretty over-used and appalling to the point of irritation. Are we supposed to be subliminally stroked by this maneuver? Hey casting directors and showrunners? Grow a pair! 

Last week’s CW episodes of Girlfriends and The Game were actually watchable. I hardly groaned and barely watched the clock. A viewer note to creator-executive producer Mara Brock Akil: keep the stories strong. 

I agree with Halle Berry. Enough with her pregnancy news!  She told Tavis Smiley it’s upstaging her film.  

“I’m not surprised that Tyra has achieved phenomenal success,” says friend Heidi Klum in a Time magazine mention. We all should have friends like that. I have one and her name is Marion.

Friday night my geek side lost the battle with my cool side as James Lesure’s Las Vegas beat out Alimi Ballard’s Numb3rs. Nice to have a “what to watch first” choice. Thank God for digital recorders. But like my man Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire quotes:

          Now. there’s an outer self we got to deal with
          You know, the one that likes to go to parties,
          The one that likes to dress up and be cool
          and look pretty, all ego-trips and all this.

Do you know I had to visit five sites to find this quote? The previous four had identical typos. Hmmm. What are the odds? 

My Name is Earl‘s Darnell, Eddie Steeples, has made a music video. 

Taye Diggs, Audra McDonald and cast from Private Practice got the word that they will be picked up for the full season. Also the same story boasts Dennis Haysbert’s The Unit is doing quite nicely. 

The always working Sherri Shepherd is developing a sitcom for CW.  

Presently I’ve just discovered Undercover Black Man, the blog. What is most notable for me are the 45 Flashbacks. See what my Friday soul music entry manifested? Release your thoughts to the Universe and they are returned ten-fold. The “spinning 45” videos (complete with needle drop) slaughter those lame “tribute” still slideshows others post on YouTube. 

House Of Payne, starring Lance Gross [photo] premiered as cable’s #1 ad-supported sitcom telecast of all time among key adult demos, households and viewers. Airing currently with back-to-back episodes Wednesdays, the show ranks as ad-supported cable’s #1 sitcom among adults 18-49 and television’s #1 program among African- American adults 18-49. Specially produced mobisode are now available. Who new? Tyler.

Have a good rest of the day.


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