Moved. Genuinely moved was I upon viewing the CBS13
interview and apology that swirled a bit of controversy toward Janet and Tyler when they were promoting Why Did I Get Married?  Mark S. Allen underestimated the sizeable bond between his audience, Ms. Jackson and Mr. Perry. It warms my cockles that so many emailed their outrage so passionately. Thank you Invisible Cinema for your link to Echo Black Online that helped me find and share this poignant triumph.

According to PlayaHata the 14 year old girl who starred in Akeelah and the Bee, Keke Palmer, is getting played silly by her record company.

We are proud to be adding several new links to this blog, including the Davey D link 

Bomani Jones distills what is legitimately good liquor. Don’t expect a definitive analysis as it appears he may have crammed for the study. Glug, glug.

The inimitable Jason Stone, Stepfather of Soul, kindly responded to my request for intel regarding his soul music resources. His energetic generosity included books, websites, general info and hopefully a friendship (fingers crossed). Any man who can appreciate Barbara Acklin can pull my coattail anytime.  

According to NBA.com “pro” blogger and humorist Gilbert Arenas, players getting name tattoos on their backs may simply be a way of letting people identify them at the beach. You got to get up pretty early in the morning to outwit some folk! 

Time magazine has thrown down the gauntlet. “Which came first, God or the need for God? In other words, did humans create religion from cues sent from above, or did evolution instill in us a sense of the divine?” The answer might surprise you. 

As a highly attractive person — likable even — he made millions by killing people and ruining lives with the powdered death of heroin. Now Denzel wants to introduce him to you. 

Executive producer and Wolverine Hugh Jackman could not have been more wrong. Viva Laughlin gets the axe. Frankly, it’s understandable. I watched both episodes that aired and the faux singing was unpleasant. So where will the charismatic DB Woodside [photo] land next? 

Larry David has brought aboard the beauteous Vivica A. Fox for this season’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. This week’s episode was so entertaining I’ll see it again. 

Aiight, aiight. Jamati Online serves up the 10 Sexiest African Men. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje at #9, Djimon Hounsou at #5, and Idris Elba at #3. With both talent and looks at the extreme a regular brother can feel insecure if he isn’t working his game real hard. 

I tried to change things up in January by switching from cable to dish. Only online can you realize what channels and programs you miss. Wouldn’t it be nice if either one carried all the damn channels? It wasn’t enough I lost BETJ and TV One. Now I find out that I’m missing former CNN political correspondent Carlos Watson and his highly rated conversations 

I say this earnestly. Never give up.   


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