Whoopi Goldberg
defended on The View how difficult it would be for Oprah to supervise a school in South Africa while being based in the U.S. However, major corporations with offices and campuses all over the world regularly and routinely do business while being based elsewhere. But when Oprah proclaims “the buck always stops with me” in response to the scandal at her school for disadvantaged South African girls, she apologizes, makes no excuse, and takes responsibility just like any major player would.  She does it right every time that Oprah.  

You might have heard in the news that judges are biased against certain types of people. The problem is so extreme that the American Bar Association is getting involved with a particular emphasis on death penalty cases. With all the recording technology available it warrants scutiny why judges resist cameras and microphones in the court room. Thank you ABA.  

Again on the legal front, the New York Times is also up on the race gap in the courts. I hear these judges are probably unaware of their biases. Really!? Thank God for statistics.  

I think Sherri Shepherd is a doll and very talented. Still, when it comes to some of her Views, she becomes such a throwback. Earth to Sherri: It’s a new millennium.  

Fun news from Ahmad Rashad and the NBA. Starting next Monday Family Feud begins NBA Week. Matched-up in competition are NBA players vs. their moms. If you’re up for silly family antics check out Cuttino Mobley, Grant Hill, Dwight Howard, Richard Jefferson, David Lee, and Chris Bosh among others. John O’Hurley is definitely gonna earn that paycheck.  

Concerning the Writers’ Strike. How interesting that networks and producers (aka The Great and Powerful Oz) and other cronies have the temerity to holdout with respect to residuals for the web and DVD. It’s all about the money grab. Give them babies their cut or get ready for re-runs.  

Survivor: China has the usual suspects like every other season. I came late to the party having only seen the last two episodes. But James Clement [photo] is protected by holding double immunity. They say nice guys finish last. Watch your back.  

Mel B. threw down for a perfect score of 30 last night on Dancing With The Stars. The dance was as jaw-dropping as the black dominatrix number she was wearing. No pictures yet on that sad website. Stay tuned.  

It’s no longer our world. It belongs to Chris Brown and we’re all just living in it. What were you doing at age 18?  

We can take a risk by growing or risk everything by clinging to the status quo.


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