It ended with Reba saying “Good night, Everybody. Thank you for being a part of country music’s biggest night. We love you.” It began when Gary LeVox, now lead singer of Rascal Flatts, and Jamie Foxx were roommates before they went their separate ways and became big. Fast-forward to last night’s final music performance of the CMA (Country Music Awards) when the two performed a duet titled She Goes All The Way. In a word, really-fresh-television. The composition (song) was excellently arranged and produced. The staging, befitting  the artists’ stature. The venue, “country music’s biggest night.” Jamie commanded the audience and stage in an unprecedented performance. The current clip at YouTube only plays the album track. With patience, some kind soul will post the video. If you missed it last night, then you missed a rocket escaping the gravitational pull of mediocrity.

The imagery is a lone locomotive, speeding down a rickety track, hurtling towards a freakish derailment. This was the wobbly appearance of Damon Wayans on The View yesterday. From censor bleeping, to awkward silences from co-hosts and audience, the uneasiness was palpable. Going to commercial break was the least tension-wracked part of the segment. It seemed all were glad it was over. There’s funny, then there’s the plain uncomfortable. This clip is not representative of all that transpired.   

Actress Michael Michelle has joined the cast of House. I’m definitely liking this.   

Percy Carey’s life story includes an early love for reading, a lifelong musical passion, his criminal past and incarceration, and his paralysis – the result of a drug-related shooting. Now this hip-hop artist has released a graphic novel entitled: Sentences: The Life of M.F. Grimm. He shares lines and spaces with Publisher’s Weekly.   

Shop at the new Macy’s and you’ll brush up against such names as Sean Combs, Jessica Simpson, Usher, Donald Trump, Kenneth Cole, Marc Ecko, Tommy Hilfiger, Emeril Lagasse and Martha Stewart. Macy’s new brand campaign pairs one of the largest celebrity ensemble casts ever in a TV ad. But some say bringing the big guns was a waste of money.   

Michael Jackson tells Ebony magazine he ignores the negative stories about him as he discusses “25 Years After Thriller.”   

Don Shula, the coach of the only perfect season in NFL history, believes the NFL needs to place an asterisk next to the Patriots in the record books should they go 16-0 because Bill Belichick got caught cheating in the Spygate scandal.   

Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma, Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were all on the same docket while facing separate charges in a New York State Court yesterday. My question: Which was the opening act?   

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. [Aristotle]


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