There is a disturbing trend in the modeling business. Compared to a 1996 news article where catwalks flaunted models black, male and muscular, this season’s catwalks have been whiter than ever. Why are all the models white?

Michel Martin, who rose to the top in both print and TV news over the past two decades, has left television to launch her own radio newsmagazine, Tell Me More, NPR’s latest effort to push beyond the classic definition of a public radio listener: highly educated, white, suburban.  

Intriguing was the chat-fest instigated by Michael Baisden on his national radio show Thursday afternoon. Successful, yet single women who can’t find men was the topic. Ladies? Read a few articles comparing traditional and contemporary masculinity. It’s all about the gender role stereotypes. This is not your daddy’s world. 

Staying with the above topic, take Vanessa Williams of Ugly Betty. She divorced Rick Fox [photo] but managed to “approve” the ex-hubby for a recurring role on the show. If you can’t be friends can you truly be lovers? 

In the role of weekend receptionist Monique will guest on Ugly Betty. 

With endorsement deals that include Subway, Hummer, PepsiCo, Adidas, Visa, EA Sports, Gameloft, GoldToe socks, GTSM Memorabilia, Schutt Sports and Halcyon Jets famed New Orleans running back Reggie Bush parted ways with marketing agent Mike Orstein 

And speaking of paper-making, the list of endorsement deals of Beyonce just keeps growing. 

WHERE’S HAROLD?!! Harold Wheeler, musical director of the mega-hit Dancing with the Stars, has been conspicuously absent from the show for several weeks. What’s up with that? 

Major League Baseball’s ‘roid–rage may be coming to a head. 11 current free-agent players are named in Senator Mitchell’s report, and the players have been notified by the Commissioner’s office. Who really cares? 

He’s charming, good-looking, and gets plenty camera-time, but in a sobering moment of gut-wrenching clarity, James Clement of Survivor: China sidestepped another coup to oust him from the tribe. Jean Robert not so lucky.  

Reports are O. J. Simpson appears as cool as a cucumber in his preliminary hearings. From the story in the San Jose Mercury News he either knows something we don’t or will get a rude awakening. 

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]  


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