Regarding the YouTube/CNN Debate question about black-on-black crime. Wouldn’t it have been better for Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani to admit to Prentiss Tate and Son that they haven’t really considered the subject relevant to their campaign? Why mention Cosby if you’re not talking with him?

When it comes to the The Jackson 5, the first family of pop music, some are praying for a miracle that their reunion will erase the sour notes. 

Bryan “Baby” Williams, a.k.a. Birdman, reached out to MTV News to talk about his arrest for marijuana possession. 

In yet again the case of another power-rabid jurist, Judge Robert Restaino, spent two hours of inexplicable madness jailing 46 people because of a ringing cell phone. 

Rascal Flatts will perform today on Oprah with a surprise guest. Could it be Jamie Foxx reprising their CMA Awards show-stopper She Goes All The Way? I got the video for ya! 

In more Jaime Foxx news, he will produce a reality TV show titled From Gs to Gents in which a group of men compete to become gentlemen. I hope the conditioning sticks and the guys aren’t doing it only for the camera. 

“They’ve been targeting him” is the suspicion surfacing from Cardinals defensive back Antrel Rolle on the premeditated murder of friend Sean Taylor 

Richard Roberts, President of Oral Roberts University is embroiled in scandal. The son of founder Oral Roberts is accused of illegal involvement in a local political campaign and lavish spending at donors’ expense, including numerous home remodeling projects, use of the university jet for his daughter’s senior trip to the Bahamas and a red Mercedes convertible and a Lexus SUV for his wife, Lindsay. 

On Breaking Down the NBA, an NBA blog, Reggie Miller Bashes Isiah Thomas, Stephon Marbury and the New York Knicks as a league-wide joke. Yeah, he said it. 

Tonight, Kathy Griffin: Straight To Hell on Bravo. Enough said of this talented pixy.  

Tiki Barber’s appearance on Project Runway was little comfort to the failing Carmen. Who new making men’s clothing would be such a bitch? 

Farewell to James Clement of Survivor: China. Just a sweet guy in a viper pit who longs to frolic. 

“We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves.” [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]  


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