Her staff shuddered and trembled at his request. Yet who could deny that magnificent magnitude of talent and achievement? Who could resist that face? All were on pins and needles before his surprise appearance. Despite the valid trepidation, Jaime Foxx pulled off a jubilant triumph when he and Rascal Flatts performed for a deserving Oprah on Oprah, Friday. And for this performance, Gary LeVox’s voice was superb. At this writing I’ve enjoyed that number several times, having yet to view the remainder of the program. The Holidays, Country style.

After hobnobbing with the gentries late Saturday afternoon I arrived home and stumbled upon College Hill: Interns on BET. Similar to NBC’s The Apprentice, this reality competition has the telegenic Dr. Ian Smith deciding the outcome of challenges to determine who stays and who goes. However, unlike NBC’s offering, this one has a younger group that includes a lot more smooching and hooking up. The show yields a bit of redemption for executive producer Tracy Edmonds, responsible for Who’s Your Caddy. But the website reflects College Hill: Virgin Island. Hmmm? 

Are we caught up in consumption instead of investing? BET’s Meet The Faith, hosted by Ian Smith (minus the “doctor” title) had as guests this Sunday corporate attorney and banker Donald Smith, BET correspondent Jeff Johnson, and co-chair of the National Ten Point Leadership Foundation Rev. Eugene Rivers.  They discussed and examined people tithing vs. church tithing, churches creating credit unions, and more. Carlos Watson interviewed Oprah Winfrey in South Africa regarding her philosophy of philanthropy. Not just TV. Tele-Vision. Surprisingly excellent fare. Reginald Hudlin’s doing a fine job. 

On the heels of the weekend arrest of four young men who reportedly confessed to the shooting death of Sean Taylor comes even more disturbing news that the high profiles of professional athletes may make them easy targets. 

Cited for their excellence in the performing arts – dance, music, theater, opera, motion pictures or television – Brian Wilson, Martin Scorsese, Steve Martin, Diana Ross, and Leon Fleischer received the 30th Annual Kennedy Center Honors. The 2-hour event will air December 26th on CBS. 

The battle of the format wars is reaching a crescendo. Not HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray, darn it. It appears major players including Pepsi, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and EMI are singing the praises of distributing music via the MP3 format – that is – without digital rights management, commonly called copy protection. Surely Apple, which holds a loud 70 percent market share of music downloads, will hardly become mute to this sonic boom. 

An angry outburst at a news conference from Montel Williams caused several reporters to feel so threatened that the incident warranted an apology from the talkshow host and prescription medicine advocate. 

“There are no neutral people. People are either with you or against you.” [Michael Baisden]


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