I haven’t posted comedy for a while because, well, blogging is such serious business (tee-hee). But seeing this post of Chris Rock’s Saturday Night Live bit at PlayaHata.com has caused me to lighten up. He takes the issue of Hillary vs. Barack to a higher plain.

Funnyman Steve Harvey claims his attorney, Ricky Anderson, merely sought to protect his packaged, do-good, likeable, Christian-type image when filing for divorce in Texas. Ex-wife Mary Harvey is now suing the couple’s attorney who represented both in the proceedings. 

Planned for a fall 2008 release, Robert Teitel and George Tillman, Jr. will produce Humboldt Park to star John Leguizamo and Freddy Rodriguez. The family dramedy will be directed by Alfredo De Villa. 

Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. has at least a couple of films in the works, Dirty and Untitled Gehenna Project. The latter film includes the wickedly sculpted Franky G [photo], Taryn Manning, and Valerie Cruz. Indulging his fetish for humor, Cuba toys with Dan Snierson for a silly Q&A. 

Happy birthday Tyra Banks, Jay-Z, Marisa Tomei, Jeff Bridges, and Beach Boy Dennis Wilson. Love the song Don’t Worry Baby for which writer Brian Wilson confesses the Ronettes’ Be My Baby was the inspiration. 

I promise that watching this outrageous clip of Bruce Willis on David Letterman will cause you to laugh to tears. So if you’re at work, beware. 

Don Imus returns to the air with new cast-mates Karith Foster and Tony Powell, both African Americans. My, my! Is the Age of Tokenism on the decline? 

Showtime bills the five filmmakers in its “Latino Filmmaker Showcase” as “winners,” but there’s clearly one winner and four runners-up. Gustavo Mercado’s “Sensitive” is by far the most accomplished of the short films, and Showtime wisely awarded Mercado first prize and $30,000 in its Latino filmmaker contest. I am not alone in truly loving the series. 

Actor Brad Pitt said on Monday he wants to build 150 environmentally friendly homes for families displaced by Hurricane Katrina in a hard-hit New Orleans neighborhood. Angelina Jolie is like a modern-day Mother Teresa with her humility, only Phoine! They are redefining the term “power couple”. 

Madonna’s hubby Guy Ritchie will soon release his new film Revolver that includes the weighty cast of Jason Statham, Andre Benjamin, Ray Liotta, Togo Igawa, Terence Maynard, Vincent Riotta, Mercedes Grower, Mem Ferda, and Serge Soric. Cop a feel right here. 

“God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” [Voltaire]


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