First Tyra Banks brings fame, careers, and self-esteem to young women on America’s Next Top Model. Now Top Model alum Janet Dickinson premieres a Latin Division this season on the Janet Dickinson Modeling Agency. Returning to continue to delight my eyes and mind is model Nyabel Lual from Sudan who is now rocking New York and photographer Logan Alexander. Here’s hoping Janice’s “black god” model Ali Jones also gets to work. 

Put this under the heading: Read it and commit parts to memory. Karl Rove writes an advisory to Barack Obama on how to beat Hilary Clinton. Oh, the temptation. 

Feelin’ the pain of plain television? Actor Alec Baldwin opines passionately on the Writers’ Guild Strike: In the current strike, the writers expect the buyers to have a soul. The buyers, who cannot count a real filmmaker or television programmer among them, view a soul as an impediment to business. 

Tasty and seductive was the Seal & Heidi live number Wedding Day on the 2007 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Also, his response to the “big package” comment.  

“Patriots” often demonize immigrants that cross the border from Mexico. However, Jesus Manuel Cordova became an angel to a boy who desperately needed one. 

For those of you who can’t get enough Chris Brown, how about adding Vanessa Williams and Henry Simmons to the mix? George Tillman Jr. will produce the film Phenom along with Robert Teitel and Will Packer. How about those ugly rumors that Chris and manager Tina Davis have been intimate for years? 

Oh my God! Joining the chorus of dissent of Ludacris and Ice Cube, now 50 Cents accuses Oprah Winfrey of ‘turning white’ by pandering to a middle-age white female demographic. Why don’t they just kiss and get it over with. 

Gird your loins. The new X-Files movie will star Amanda Peet opposite Xzibit. Complexy, sexy casting. 

The Wayans brothers — Keenen Ivory, Marlon and Shawn — are making their first foray into cable series with “The Life and Times of Marcus ‘Felony’ Brown,” a scripted comedy for VH1. The cable network has ordered a pilot for the half-hour, single-camera project, an edgy urban comedy VH1 is producing with Wayans Bros. Prods. Marlon and Shawn Wayans developed “Felony” with Rick Alvarez, their longtime producing partner at Wayans Bros. Go for it! 

‘When a relationship breaks down, your friends and family all say ‘It’s only a woman, you’ll bounce back like a rubber ball.’ But that’s not true – you lose your best friend and soul mate, your lover, home and regular contact with your kids. You lose your use of the family car, your quality of life – plans, dreams, goals and holidays in the sun. And if your partner is the higher earner you become short of cash. Suddenly people start demanding money, leaving you living from hand to mouth. You start staying at your friends until you over stay your welcome, and then you turn to late night clubs to stay off the street. For me it was downhill from there into drink, depression and homelessness.”  Read this fascinating story identifying relationship breakdown a as major cause of homelessness. 

“Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful.”  [Author Unknown]


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