Finally a night worth voting. I’ve been watching Fox’s X-Factor since the premiere and found it uneven at best. But now that the numbers are shrinking furiously the talent is more concentrated. The wooden and “phoned-in” performers have mostly exited. But not Josh Krajcik, Rachel Crow, and Chris Rene. They have a very good chance of winning the $5 million prize. Yes. They are my favorites to win in that exact order of preference. Except… I believe that Marcus Canty could really steal the whole enchilada if he continues to come on hard like he has been lately. Maybe singing for his life the last two weeks is a Godsend. He seems to have found a rhythm? A feeling? His soul? In each successive performance his capacity to connect continues to deepen. His moves develop a more deliberate and artful swagger. I’m not sure whether this is desperation, experience, an abandonment of self-consciousness or just confidence. Whatever you call it, it is unquestionably engaging and entertaining. He seems to no longer be competing in a contest. Marcus Canty is performing as if he has truly arrived to perform for his audience — like a real professional.

Look out Josh Krajcik, Rachel Crow, and Chris Rene. I think Melanie Amaro may be saying goodbye sooner than later.

Seth Fine


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