In 1971, comic book illustrators Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams released DC comic books with the country’s first black super-character named John Stewart. JOHN STEWART BECAME THE NEW “green lantern” in the “Green Lantern: Mosaic” episodes, debuting with 18 issues in 1992.


2 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Facts: Green Lantern

  1. Wiki says it was actually The Falcon in 1969 (Marvel). Also, the first with his own dedicated title was Luke Cage (Marvel 72′). I’m surprised that it was so long in coming, but I have the impression there wasn’t much variety out there until the sixties regarding race, gender, age, etc… Superman was like the Microsoft or Coca Cola of comics.

    Its kind of funny how today they seem to be out of ideas and just mash up anything and everything in the quest for something new. Look at my man Spongebob… a sponge for crying out loud!

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