“We’ll flip this over and char-grill the other side right after these messages from our sponsors,” could have been what Lawrence O’Donnell meant as he went to break from Part 1 of a two part interview with Joe Oliver, defender of George Zimmerman. The crackling atmospherics pierced holes aplenty into what appears to be the opportunistic volunteerism of Oliver who seemed to know less about Zimmerman than The Last Word panelists. It is uncertain that Oliver’s choice to remain after the commercial break was wholly rational given his lack of knowledge regarding Zimmerman’s violent past. For Oliver’s level of surprise you would think this pertinent revelation would have caused him to take a step back. Not Oliver. He glibly and audaciously offered a riddled rationale in the guise of an unverified stint of anger management “possibly” undergone by Zimmerman. But wait… There’s more…


One thought on “Lawrence O’Donnell, Charles Blow, Jonathan Capehart cross-examine Joe Oliver

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