From being a guest multiple times on Martin Bashir Live to becoming an on-the-scene correspondent covering the Trayvon Martin case The Grio’s and The Reid Report Joy-Ann Reid is both engaging and authoritative. Her reporting has a visceral quality that makes me ask “where has she been?” Joy-Ann possesses that unique quality solid anchorwomen employ when communicating through the screen. Her responses to Martin are focused, concise and information-dense. Her on-site analyses are penetrating and insightful. Joy-Ann is always an outstanding panelist/guest on the show, but out in the field is clearly where she makes her best impression and greatest impact. In rousing appreciation I want to thank all the souls and stars that aligned to bring this savvy communications jewel to the Trayvon Martin case. What an intelligent and timely find. Thank you, my man Martin.


38 thoughts on “The Grio’s Joy-Ann Reid is absolutely smashing as MSNBC contributor

  1. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of this (what she described as) first generation african-caribbean-american woman. Joy, your opinions are always on point and your intellect unmatched. So what I would seflishly like to know is from which part of the caribbean did your roots spring ? Just keep on keeping on in what you are doing.

    • I could be wrong on this, but I believe her mother is originally from the Bahamas and her father is from the Republic of Congo(formerly Zaire).
      May be someone can verify the facts.

  2. Joy Reid is super quality, brilliant, quick response, extreme clarity, smart, bold and pretty. Her comportment is exemplary……a job on MSNBC would sure help MSNBC.

  3. Chris Matthews talks over his guests and woulld not llet them finish their thought or senternce, and does not merit the second spot of 7pm. MSNBC should give Joy Reid the 7pm spot.

    Anthony. Atllanta, Ga.

  4. Love Joy Ann. Her beauty, intelligence, grasp of the issues, and quick wit are second to none. MSNBC, do yourself a favor and put this lady in an anchor chair. To be blunt, your shows, while in line with my own philosophy, are becoming stale and repetitive. Joy Ann Reid could help to correct that problem. Hurry—I’m losing interest…

  5. I said that for ratings for msnbc they should take prison and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. Give these other people a slot instead of repeats over and over. Chris matthews has 2 hour slots. I wanted joy to get the spot tha chris hayes had on sat and sun. I don’t like it that Chris is in the 8 p.m. slot. He is a very fine young man and very smart but annoying he needs to slow down and stop jumping around. Maybe with time he will calm down. I watch msnbc 24/7. I dvd my shows and watch when dreadful prison comes on. I like steve kornaki but he is another chris hayes he makes me nervous! Talks way too much has answers to his own question he ask guest. Chris matthews is smart but he gets really rude if someone disagrees with him he interups and is down right rude! Sorta like shawn h and o’riley

    • Well said. I agree with you. My sentiments exactly. Joy Reid ought to be given the prime time slot of 7PM instead of having a repeat of Chris Mathews

  6. I love Joy Reid’s contributions on MSNBC!! Tonight (3/18/13) she looks absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward to her having her own show!

  7. I love Joy Ann Reid, she is quick witted, clear and succinct on political issues.
    Joy is extremely knowledgable about politicians and their true belief systems.
    I hope she gets the weekday 6pm or 7pm slot. She would be a good firebrand lead in to Chris Hayes.


  8. Her intelligent rendition of the facts and her complete grasp of the big picture all spewed out in a matter of minutes as an MSNBC contributer flows out like a stream of fresh clear water – refreshing.
    love, love ya

  9. What can be said about this erudite and eloquent legend of journalism….Joy…you are truly a great joy to many as expressed by many in prior comments. You are a true gem…I love and admire so dearly even some members of my family wouldn’t be left behind in admiration for you, your brilliance, your in-depth knowledge of issues and masterful delivery of all the points presented…you are so quick-witted and straight to knock off fallacy and dwell on facts…Please MSNBC get Joy..Black Beauty her own show she is long due for it…….Love you so much…..JOY. Ride on with your baddddd self…you are too much and adored by so many….you are the BEST.

  10. Miss Reid you are so wonderfully bless by God. I have falling in love with you and the outstanding contribution you have made with msnbc.

  11. I watch MSNBC all the time and I’m always happy when Joy-Ann is on any program. She holds her ground, has solid information, and I share her opinions on various subjects. She also does a great job when filling in as anchor on shows as MHP.

  12. Joy is very Intelligent and thoughtful in her comments. I always look forward to seeing and listening to her on MSNBC . She would be offered her own show on MSNBC at 7PM instead of a repeat fo Chris’s hardball which is aired at 5PM

    • Hello! Why? Chris get two spots. She the only one shock Chris,with facts. She tell the branch of the power and the politics. Hey msnbc let’s us watch u or go to cnn with old ladies reading the news. Bonjour et bonne chance .

  13. Ever since Joy has join MSNBC, I can’t get enough. I am so proud of her and greatful to Chris for finding her, she’s smart and always on point and like many others I loveeeeee and her many color blouses. Big ups to you girl, may God bless always.

    Saron Dennis, South Holland, IL.

    • joy reid is very knowledgeable please let her go on morning joe to staighten joe scarbrough out mika cant handle him im sure joy reid can so please let them debate i know joy canhandle him

  14. I,too,am impressed with Joy-Ann Reid. She is a woman of substance,intelligence,and beauty! She is a woman all young girls can emulate. MSNBC, she is an asset to your broadcasting program. She needs her own show,just like Melissa Harris-Perry. She is awesome too, and I tune in every Sat. and Sun. to watch her. She,too, is bright, beautiful, and witty. Keep up the good work, MSNBC!

  15. I am so facinated knowing that WE have someone that has come out into the forefront to express not just her political views but her stark intelligence. As many of you have suggested, it would be a travesty if MSNBC were to let someone with the maginitude of her intteligence just be a contributor. This is just what MSNBC needs. She needs her own show. This would defintely enhance and increase the ratings of the station.
    We already have Al, Chris, Ed, Lawarence and of course Rachel–Joy will put the icing on the cake.

    Hats off to you my sister. You will go far.

  16. God bless u, u r the best .u r the fact. Beautiful and elegant.glory to u ,I’m proud & honored to watch u ,learn from u..love& peace.

  17. I absolutely love Joi on MSNBC!! She’s got just the right approach for addressing serious and not so serious topics. It’s great to see her with Chris Matthews, and all the others. Thanks to Rev Al Sharpton for introducing us to Joi.

  18. I agree totally. I’m really impressed by anyone with such a quick mind, silver tongue who expresses lucid and consistent points of view & never, never says “-er”, “-uh”, “I mean”, yuh know…..

  19. I am also thruthfully in love with the Lady. She speaks like no other and she is willing to stand her ground no matter where she starts. The MSNBC network hs certainly discovered some jewels along the way and she is a diamond in the lot. Way to go and do hope there are huge things ahead in your future.

  20. Thanks Ms. Reid, I’m from Little Rock, AR, a native of the Republic of Panama. Of course, I watch you on MSNBC. I DO NOT WATCH MORNING JOE, HE’S A JOKE. I will be glad when Ford gets away from there.

    Are you familiar with the “SILVER MEN” that worked at the Panama Canal? We are approaching one hundred (100) years of the sacrificial life many Barbadians and others contributed to that EIGHT WONDER OF THE WORLD, the Canal. I hope the President is in office in 2014.

  21. I enJOY watcing her one MsnBS. She is so smart, sweet, ensightful and beautiful. I DVR Lawrence, Ed and Chris and I fast toward through each show looking to for Joy as a guest.I watch all of Chris of course he is my favorite, but the other I fast forward looking to see Joy and listen to her intelligence. Love those colorful shirt that she wear. You looked lovely in the yellow shirt at the RNC>

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful Joy Ann Reid and I totally love what she brings to MSNBC as a contributer! Please MSNBC give her that 7:00 spot!!….

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