Admittedly, she was my favorite to win America’s Next Top Model. I don’t pretend to know anything about modeling but I know what I like and AzMarie sure looks like a winner. She had already won more First Photos than anyone else at this point. She seemed poised and unstoppable. Her misstep of refusing to participate in the week’s (booty tooch) challenge — big mistake. Huge. And even though she realized the error and apologized at “judges’ panel’ the damage was done. There would be no “undoing.” How could there? Refusing to comply with the directives of Tyra, Inc. should doom any contestant to complete and utter failure, no matter how accomplished. I believe AzMarie realized the error once the pressure of performing had subsided. That’s probably when all the logic of the domino theory became apparent. Once a contestant begins to pick and choose which activity to accept or reject and succeeds in engaging in selective participation why wouldn’t others follow suit? One domino falls, all dominoes fall. The judges were right to take a stand and by doing so, all the other contestants got the message. It was a tough lesson, but thankfully and hopefully, it will be learned in youth.  Frankly, I wish it would have been anyone other than AzMarie.


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