There is meaning, myth-busting and metaphor in the challenges and victories of “Bopper” Minton and Mark Jackson, two best friend contestants on “The Amazing Race”. The pair represents a powerful symbol of American values while viscerally demonstrating how two friends work and play together for a common purpose. Although winning the globe-trekking race is the actual aim of their weekly endeavors, the savvy television viewer and show producers realize all the many buttons these two men push in all of us with each and every episode. It’s like CBS is serving up a hollywood-styled “buddy” action-adventure each Sunday, except the relationship is not professionally scripted and casted. These men are real friends in real life. I’m not suggesting their relationship is unbelievable. Rather, what I am saying is how timeless and universal is the appeal of its humanity. Brotherhood is a beautiful thing. In many cases it is expected and unremarkable. Yet the saga of Bopper and Mark episodically provides a generous degree of hope, healing and well-being during a moment in our history where some feel divided and disillusioned at the pace of change in our socially fragile communities. However things turn out on the show, their ‘amazing race’ is already a winning exhibition that reflects the valiant spirit in those of us who “never give up.”


5 thoughts on ““Bopper” Minton and Mark Jackson represent ‘An Amazing Race’

  1. I love Bopper and Mark! Amazing Race should have a fan favorite so they could win some money. I think they have been the best team ever with no fighting among each other!

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