A brief history. It took God seven days to create the earth. Next came the wars. Then one man self-proclaimed World Peace only to have it now suspended for seven days. It was a glorious stretch of time. Despite the history, we thought it would last. Oh wow. Oh man. Oh Ron! He says he didn’t expect to be suspended for so much time. He went from being a pariah to become so damn likable. He entered the realm of clinical mental health and practically became a spokesman on the benefits of psychiatry. No fan of basketball, I became a fan of World Peace because of his transformation. Will we ever know whether this current unfortunate event was intentional or accidental? Could this simply be a setback? A falling off the wagon? Or is it merely a signal that he is in recovery but never cured? Knowing there is no perfect physical or mental specimen among us should come as no surprise to anyone. We, too, fall short — except with the luxury of a comparatively insignificant backstage stumble, rather than a nationally televised nosedive into the orchestra pit. World Peace is such a delicious moniker. The yin to his yang. Here’s to his continued recovery. May this suspension, in time, seem nothing more than a reminder of the illusion of perfection in physical and mental health.


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