This is the question. If you’ll recall, T.K.(Mehcad Brooks) was shot in last season’s cliff-hanger. One report (March 25, 2012) reveals Gaius Charles will be added to the cast to play the role of an expert wide receiver — the same team position as T.K. While the regular cast of Callie ThorneMarc Blucas and Scott Cohen is mentioned in this report, Mehcad’s name is conspicuously absent. Yet a second report (January 02, 2012) asks several questions: What’s going to happen with T.K. Will he live? Would the show take a drastic enough measure and actually kill him? However, the writer goes on to answer: Most likely not. The official website (USA Networks) still has Mehcad’s photo but could that be just to sell episodes (DVDs, downloads) of Season 1? Necessary Roughness season 2 returns this summer 2012 on USA for 16 episodes instead of last season’s 11. T.K. (Mehcad) my fingers are crossed.

UPDATE (June 3): I spied Mehcad Brooks just yesterday (as I’m sure you have) in the up-coming season’s promos for Necessary Roughness. Thankfully he is still with the show. Hopefully his role hasn’t been diminished in any way but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when Necessary Roughness RETURNS WEDNESDAY JUNE 6 AT 10/9C!.

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