‘Stunning’ is inadequate. ‘Brilliant’ is understatement. If the photograph is indeed a reflection of the mind of the photographer then Radius Of A Square blog is the very definition of wide-minded dreaming.  The unnamed and unidentified blogger/archivist of ROAS is a conjurer of adjectives. Who is this Svengali?! He/she moves you with masterful, deliberate care. The direction is Zen in inception. I dig the mathematics-geometry inspired  blog title ‘Radius of a Square’. It engages the abstract reasoning of the observer with a casual yet stealth-like power. Soon I will discover just what one may absorb and ponder from this digital portal of Nirvana. My future is promising. A panoply of stimuli  for the mind and senses resides comfortably at this web address called ROAS. You’d be well-advised to visit long and often. EXPERIENCE MORE


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