The first record I ever owned was “It’s A Shame.” There was no other composition like it before or since. I now possess over 11,000 tracks both digital and analog. Still, Mr. Cameron’s spell-binding recording is my Number 1 of all time not because it was the first, but because it is the best. Your performance is expressive, beautiful, and grand with unbelievable sonic range and virtuosity. The energy encoded throughout your performance is simultaneously infectious and cathartic. It’s power sweeps the listener beyond conventional musical heights without pretense or apology.

Seeing Mr. Cameron, a.k.a. The Man, who brought such a life-impacting work of art as “It’s A Shame” into our realm of existence being interviewed on TVOne’s Unsung: The Spinners was disturbingly pleasurable. I had the great fortune to put a personality with the voice of the one of music’s premier singers. And watching him speak about his career only added to the legend of The Man.

“It’s A Shame” ranks at Number 5 in my iTunes Top 100 Most Played of a list of over 8,900 tracks. If I didn’t have more than one copy of it the position of Number 1 would most honorably be bestowed upon this slice of perfection. And how the producers pulled off such a winning piece of history without a piano track is sheer and utter genius… like the Beatles.

To say “It’s A Shame” never gets old is a testament to the brilliance of the artists who produced this exquisite offering in the guise of “the 3-minute art form.” Let all who appreciate this outstanding gem of creativity and slickly produced spontaneity keep this recording forever in music collector’s vaults far and wide so that future generations will also witness the magic and majesty that is The Spinners “It’s A Shame” featuring the inimitable and incomparable G.C. Cameron on lead vocal. You, sir, have brought many of us a dimension of joy we can never adequately convey for we are not as gifted a talent as you.

“Let Me Down Easy” was still one other way you rocked our world. With exceeding and timeless gratitude, Seth Fine.


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