The documentary Darfur Now had its Los Angeles screening. In attendance were Jessica Biel, Thandie Newton, George Clooney, and Don Cheadle, to name a few. The film is a call to action for people everywhere to help end the crisis. “Change starts with ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” See the trailer and learn what you can do.

As the housing market meltdown continues, no greater casualty has been named to-date than Stan O’Neal, now the former CEO of Merrill Lynch. The firm’s reported $8.5 billion write-off last week seems a minor glitch in context with  O’Neal’s golden parachute of $160 million this week. And you thought your week was wicked. Trick or treat that! 

Identified as the third richest man in the world, Blair Underwood [photo] has a bold, new angle in Dirty, Sexy Money. Don’t forget to watch this complex character and impossibly handsome brother. Watch while you wait for the three films he’ll star in next year, one with the lovely Julia Roberts. 

So Omar Epps and Company have returned to House. Yes I stopped watching and am not ashamed to say it. But all is forgiven as I now have a reason to watch again. 

A rich resource that stirs the senses and soothes the soul is the ecstatically beautiful recordings at my man’s Stepfather of Soul. That joint is full of mp3 blogs. The Highway QCs Do You Love Him is awesome for its “dare to rock” gospel courageousness. Jason Stone has more than an ear for these sonic gems. He bears witness to their power. 

I will spend a long Saturday afternoon with a blend of my favorite spirits and Brown Eyed Handsome Man the soul, r&b, blues, gospel and jazz blog by Robert Whatman. The photos alone are pure gold. The text will wreck your heart – but in a good way. 

Don’t Mess With Bill by the marvelous Marvalettes tugged my heart-strings as the video played on Heavy Soul Brutha’s Put The Needle On The Record. Nice. Real nice. Is it getting smoky in here or what? 

Whoopi, Sherri, Joy and Barbra had their Halloween show on The View. They all period-dressed for the hey-day of the Cotton Club and included a performance by Tony Bennett, Ben Vereen, and the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra 

Congratulations to Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon for celebrating their sixth year of Pardon The Interruption on ESPN. Tony has a depth of cool that defies description. 

May you acquire a position in life where your parachute is as stunning as Stan’s.


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